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FLOW PERFORMANCE is a 1 day intensive into Flow Hacking, boosting creativity and leveling up your game to unlock the source code of ultimate human performance and well-being -

Simply said - your fast track to more output and joy.

In our evidence-based training you will access the latest research and protocols at the intersection of flow-, neuro- & peak-performance sciences curated from top researchers out of Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, UPenn, DARPA, and many others.

„I've gone seventy-nine hours without sleep, creating. When that flow is going, it's almost like a high. You don't want it to stop. You don't want to go to sleep for fear of missing something.“

Dr. Dre

“In two hours in flow I can accomplish tremendous things…

It's like there is no challenge I can't meet.”

Richard Branson

“Flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Exceptional individuals know how to access Flow

Throughout the training you will:


Upgrade yourself using leading edge science based protocols and frameworks to unlock peak performance


Apply the secrets of silicon valley techleaders, maverick scientists and mystery traditions


Take deep dives into immersive experiences and access higher levels of consciousness for complex problem-solving

This is for you, if...

...you are a changemaker, leader, CEO, entrepreneur, leading-edge & curious mind
…you seek to drastically increase performance, creativity, focus and overall well being
...you are an open-minded individual ready to experience uncommon training protocols & methods to access, create & lead from higher states
... you are willing to make sustainable changes in your day to day life to experience the immediate & long-term benefits of flow (we actively discourage bliss-seekers)

WHY is flow the key?

FLOW, also known as being in the ZONE, is defined as an optimal state of consciousness,
a state where you both feel your best and perform your best.

+ 430%

Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney

+ 490%

Faster skill acquisition

Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA


of heightened creativity after the flow state



Increase in executives productivity


What you will learn throughout the day:

What you will learn throughout the day:

Decode Flow

Neuropsychology & Neurophysiology of flow states



Create Group Flow

Respiration for state creation



Recode Human Experience

Micro Extatic Practise


Experience & Exercises:

Vital respiration practice - remote control your nervous and endocrine system - protocols for active and calm state control
Learn to integrate visual perceptions and autonomic arousal states to impact behavioral response
Embodiment - contemporary paradigm shifts in physicality
Cognitive - apply post-conventional frameworks for difficult leadership situations
Mental - shift your brain from subject to object perspectives to boost the quality of your decision making and surf polarities
Explore state-of-the-art tech tools (VR,EEG,HRV)

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Here is what they say about our trainings:

Over the last year we´ve given invite-only workshops and corporate trainings,
here is what our participants have to say about the training.
  • I arrived to the workshop without any expectations, but with an open mind. The day with the ThriveX team turned out to be a very rich experience: we not only experimented with physical movements, but also took an inner journey. I loved the creative and unique approach the team had to the exercises, but most of all I liked the atmosphere they created: warm, welcoming and non-judgemental. I felt safe throughout the whole process and enjoyed to discover more about myself.
    Iza Hegedus – Personal Branding
  • I had an incredible time at the workshop. The ThriveX team went into great detail what flow is and how you can experience flow by yourself. Especially the practical tips really helped me to move the needle forward in terms of creativity and more output. ThriveX provides you with an excellent toolkit to access the flow state in your daily life, I would not hesitate to join them if they are in your city!
    Matthias Hombauer – Rockstar Photographer
  • ThriveX blew me away! The seminar was full of insightful lessons to boost my performance in work, relationships, and life; with many practical techniques and exercises to illustrate each point. The coaches were highly engaged and a lot of fun, making the day go by much too fast. I’ve attended many self-help workshops over the years, but none have made an impression on me like this one. Can’t recommend it highly enough!
    David Lorscheid– Author, Speaker, Psychologist
  • The Workshop was very enlightening for me and I enjoyed it tremendously. The different experiences and exercises in combination with deep and conscious techniques lead me to self-reflection and some powerful personal insights.
    Nicole Braun - Luxury Real Estate Agent
“The number one management metric you need to know? Flow state percentage. Interruptions that move us out of Flow state increase R&D cycle times and costs dramatically.”
“Major companies, including Microsoft, Patagonia and Toyota have realized that being able to control and harness this feeling of Flow is the holy grail for any manager.”

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